‘green tea benefits’

Tea reduces blood pressure and heart diseases.

Monday, February 6th, 2012

High Blood Pressure And Heart DiseasesAustralian scientists have found that drinking up to eight cups of tea a day lowers blood pressure and could thwart heart disease.

Researchers at the University of Western Australia gave black leaf tea, like Earl Grey or English breakfast to volunteers with normal to high blood pressure.

They were specified drinks, including 429 milligrams of the plant chemical polyphenols or the equivalent of eight and a half cups of tea a day. A second group was agreed a tea-flavored placebo.

After 6 months, the blood pressure of the tea-drinking group had dropped by between two and three mmHg, the measurement of pressure used in medicine.

A blood pressure sporadic with the heartbeat between 112 and 63 mmHg is considered fit, while a reading sporadic between 140 and 90 is considered high.

The team, led by Jonathan Hodgson, wrote in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine “Our study has demonstrated for the first time to our knowledge that long-term regular consumption of black tea can result in significantly lower blood pressures in individuals with normal to high-normal range blood pressures.”

Adding milk to tea also does not involve the body’s ability to soak up polyphenols, earlier studies have suggested.

It is believed to have lots of green tea benefits as it is high in antioxidants. It is said to assist in weight loss, prevent glaucoma and reduce a risk of cancer.

There are lots of causes for high blood pressure symptoms. These comprise but are not limited to lack of exercise, poor diet, lavishly stress and high blood pressure symptoms being part of your hereditary makeup. The great news is that Green Tea can greatly alleviate your high blood pressure symptoms ‘A’ collections of mice were exposed to stressful conditions.

However, when these mice were fed Green Tea, they did not develop high blood pressure symptoms. 20,000 middle-aged men and women who suffer from high blood pressure symptoms reported a decrease in their high blood pressure symptoms when they were underway to consume Green Tea.

It is recommended that this take place as a result of Green Tea allowing blood vessels to relax.

However, people who suffer from high blood pressure symptoms should be aware that excessively Green Tea can have adverse side effects.

Drinking Green Tea in restraint can significantly decrease high blood pressure hypertension symptoms. If suffer from high blood pressure hypertension symptoms after that believe adding Green Tea to diet and begin living life free from high blood pressure symptoms.